Thursday, February 12, 2009

Shop Tour beginning of 2009

These are a few pictures of my shop out behind my house. Pretty self explanatory a short list of my power tools include,
Delta 10" contractor table saw
Dewalt 10" miter saw
Craftsman 6" jointer
Dewalt 744 12 3/4 planer
Delta 9" bandsaw
Delta 6" disk sander/3" belt sander

Friday, February 6, 2009

Past Projects

These clocks and the Quilt rack were built during my first year of woodworking. I lived in a two bedroom house. My daughters that were living with me, had moved out to start their own life, so I had an extra bedroom in the back of the house that was connected to a large room to the backyard. I bought me a Delta table saw the $99 model and built a pair of saw horses and went to work on a tool tray ( old time tool carryall ) . Once I had that done, I built a quilt rack . A modest project . I saw the plan for this in a Woodsmith magazine and looked like a good challenge. With a router and the first table saw it came out pretty good. It had a lot of challenging joints . The clocks however came from an inspiration I had one sleepless night and latter became Christmas presents that first year. I'm a self taught woodworker wanting to always better myself.