Tuesday, March 31, 2009

3 tier inbox

In the March issue of Woodsmith magazine, there was this project
of an inbox that featured mitered splines with contrasting wood.
So this a short description of how it was made.
I started with oak for the frame ripped and cut to size, mitered the ends and then cut the slots for the splines using a few jigs to help in cutting the slots.
The pieces are glue up and the splines added.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


While some of my woodworking skills come from just trying things out (trial and error)or more commonly known as making sawdust and fire wood. I have learned a lot by reading books and magazines but the web has so much to offer in the way of videos. A few of my favorites are Fine Woodworking , The Wood Whisperer, The Woodworking Channel. you can also find quite a bit on , DIY (David Marks), and of coarse The New Yankee Workshop (Norm Abram)
When learning any new skill or hobby especially with power tools it's important to learn how to use them safely.